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If you are a customer you want:Image
A site with urgency
Do not want to spend much money,
Not waive elegance
Wishes to choose the design.

This mode features over 350 models, on different subjects and different aesthetic approaches, where "step by step," and in an easy and intuitive, you can design the project site, select the navigation items, manage content, colors and images, create forms, albums and a myriad of features that will give your site a design of quality.

The RVSiteBuilder is an advanced system for building web sites. Customers subscribing to the service will have access to it via the Control Panel (CPanel) the account of hosting the website.

You can test for yourself, the link "Test" below, which shows you the environment the cPanel. Click on the icon "RVSiteBuilder" in Category "Software / Services." If access is requested, use the following data:

  • User : rvsite
  • Password: demo9



Models are organized by themes and styles, where you can easily find the more appropriate to your area of business, both in the model itself as on resources in you have access for build the design of your site (tools and libraries) and can incorporate your own images in a simple and intuitive.

Here are just some of the 350 models available:

The subscription amount is 150 € in the first year, next years only pay the renovation of hosting (65 € / year) and renewal of your domain, the cost is depending on the TLD.

This service includes:

Hosting in secure server

150 MB hosting

Up to 10 email accounts,

3 GBytes of monthly traffic.

Access to Control Panel (CPanel)

Site Statistics

Can change whenever want the contents and the design site

Management and absolute control of the site

If you want this type of site but does not feel able of doing, in this case, we can do it, adding at the initial cost the value 200 €. If this is your choose, you need send us the information and images to include for each item, unequivocally. The AFolhasDesign is not responsible for the contents, nor does it produce any changes to the texts sent.


For more detailed information contact us