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Contents Management System

ImageThis mode allows the company full autonomy over the content and evolution of your website, dispenses with the assistance for routine maintenance.

The knowledge needed to work with a Content Management System does not go much beyond the knowledge required for a text editor. The changes are processed directly through the Browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or others) without needs buy any software for that purpose.

Besides the aspects addressed, this system allows you to add components on your website, such as Calendar of Events, Image Galleries, Sponsorship Management, restricted Areas access, Newsletters, Site Search, Chat, Blogs and Management contacts and more.

Construction of a site, based on a content management system:


Depending on the specific needs of each client, will be adopting the most appropriate solutions, with costs adjusted to each case.

We provide all the necessary documentation and Distance Training for manage the contents of your site through our Platform for Customer Support.

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